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NEW! Drabble Writing Class on Airbnb

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Drabble Writing for Creatives

Wednesdays, 10-11AM EST

Want to write and don’t know where to begin?
Want to nurture your intuition?
Or do you just want to have some FUN writing?

Drabble writing may be for you! Derived from Monty Python’s Big Red Book, the drabble form is a short work of fiction—a complete story—with precisely 100 words, no more, no less. Sound easy? Surprisingly, it’s not! But you will learn to distill the essence of a situation and convey it with power and concision. You will also learn how to create a great drabble, and take a crack at your first! I promise it will be an adventure and bring you both new skills and insight. Got an idea for a book? Something that you needed to talk to someone about? A problem to solve? Drabbling can be a path for getting you there!

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