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I enjoy writing drabbles so much that I actively encourage others to read and write them, too! In my ideal world, we would all be writers, as to write is to observe, and observation is a skill that leads to growth and discovery.

In my writing group, we discuss any of the following topics:

  • Writing topics

  • What's meaningful to you

  • How to develop characters

  • When an initial draft is done

  • How to foster your creativity

  • The value of writing everything down

  • Discoveries and "Aha" moments

  • The craft of writing

  • Word selection

  • Editing and other details

  • And anything else that happens to come up!

The format of the writing group varies and is conducted via zoom. In the initial session, we get acquainted with the form, discuss a story in my book, and how to begin writing. In subsequent sessions, we begin with observations about writing, and then feedback by members of their writing process and requests for help.

Throughout the process we remain encouraging and kind in our feedback, cheering one another on in the accomplishment of finished drabbles.

It's fun and engaging and gives us the chance to connect with one another in the creative process.

Important! As part of this experience, we discuss stories in my book. You can purchase your copy on Amazon!

Interested in adding your name to a list for future groups? Click HERE!