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The “Ides of March” Drabble-Writing Contest

First-place winner of the “Ides of March”
Drabble Writing Contest



Paid with a Tear


By Eva James – Flat Rock, NC


They were sitting on the concrete—cold, dirty, and hungry. Sara spotted them when driving her usual route to feed the homeless.


She pulled up, holding a bag out the window. “Would you like some food?” Sara asked, caringly. The young girl approached the car and looking Sara in the eye, took the bag. How about a scarf and a hat? The girl nodded. As she took the items, a single tear fell on Sara’s arm.


Pulling away, Sara gazed in the rear-view mirror,
noticing her own worn hat and scarf—gifts she had been given so many years before.


2nd Place Winner - Jerry Nelms, Black Mountain, NC
Revenge and Remorse

Two six-year-old boys confronted each other at the playground, fists clenched. Several kids gathered to support Jimmy’s revenge for the rock hurled by Ray the previous day, bloodying Jimmy’s head.


Jimmy swung first, catching Ray’s head.
Falling to the ground, hands over his face, Ray cried out, “My eye!”


The crowd cheered.


The boys hoisted Jimmy onto their shoulders. Stunned, Jimmy suddenly realized
he was Ray’s only friend, a fact now obvious to all.


“Put me down! It’s over.” Jimmy commanded. He walked home, sad and confused.


Later, Jimmy checked in on Ray. They played awhile for one last time.

3rd Place Winner - Linda Lemery, Danville, VA

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Drabbles from Previous Contests

The Love of a lifetime

Winner of the "Unconditional Love"

February 2021 Drabble-Writing Contest

He gazes at her, silver in her hair.

Fifty years of memories. A movie reel in his mind. 

Kisses. Dances. Laughs. 

Adoration overflows from his heart. 


He brushes the hair from her face and the drool off her chin. The frailty and wrinkles go unseen.

‘Remember the starry night walking the pier?’ he whispers.

‘The cool breeze and the crashing waves of our first kiss.’

‘Or the embroidered lace dress sweeping the glistening marble aisle as our worlds became one?’


He kisses her warm forehead. 

Caresses her arthritic hand. 

Only her eyes can smile and they glisten.


Today she remembers.

~ N.L Blandford

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

©2020 Arlene Duane Hemingway. All rights reserved.