Drabbles of Inspiration...

In response to the challenges of these recent times. I’m collecting inspirational, encouraging, and upbeat 100-word drabbles to post on Facebook and here on my website to lift us during this time and beyond.


If your drabble is accepted, we will post it on my website with your name and geographical location. What’s in your pen to share? Write on!

Submission guidelines: Please make sure all submissions...

  • are a complete story

  • have a title and exactly 100 words

  • are suitable for all audiences, including young adults

  • are inspirational in nature

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Never Alone

The skies are bluer and foliage dazzles, thanks to lowered emissions courtesy of quarantining. My belief in miracles remains intact and my cup



Urges to help fellowmen are powerfully resurfacing: I’ve made and received offers of assistance, some from unexpected sources. People are serving others in need—many shop, supply, and deliver food and meals, a CEO forgoes his 1,000,0000 plus salary to sustain employees, and medical professionals risk their lives providing round-the-clock care—indicating our species’ determination to survive and find solutions to current mysteries.


Writing is chronicling my life experiences during this pandemic. Is your pen handy?

— Arlene Duane Hemingway

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