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The “Personal Freedom”
Drabble-Writing Contest winner

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Freedom Writer

by Jerry Nelms - Swannanoa, NC

It’s been ten years since his incarceration with ten more to go, if he’s lucky.

Ironically, Lucky has been his nickname since childhood. Lucky because he always seemed to get the breaks—until he didn’t. Lucky, though, he has a pen and enough time for his imagination to roam.

He records daydreams, nightmares, his plans for the future and the man he will become, enjoying the freedoms he longs for—traveling, eating great meals, dating women, and having his own private space.

Nighttime weighs heavily on Lucky, sighing as he writes, “You don’t truly love it until you lose it.”


Drabbles from Previous Contests

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paid with a tear

Winner of the "Settling Debts"

March 2021 Drabble-writing Contest

They were sitting on the concrete—cold, dirty, and hungry. Sara spotted them when driving her usual route to feed the homeless.


She pulled up, holding a bag out the window. “Would you like some food?” Sara asked, caringly. The young girl approached the car and looking Sara in the eye, took the bag. How about a scarf and a hat? The girl nodded. As she took the items, a single tear fell on Sara’s arm.


Pulling away, Sara gazed in the rear-view mirror, noticing her own worn hat and scarf—gifts she had been given so many years before.

~ Eva James

Flat Rock, NC

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